Version 8.8 Release Notes

Version 8.8 of Smokeball introduces some new features and refinements to the Smokeball desktop app.

Version 8.7 was skipped as we focused on an upgrade to the backend of Smokeball.

New Features

  • You can now view additional details when you add a contact to a matter from the dropdown menu.
  • You can now add hyperlinks/URLs when sending Communicate messages.
    • This is available when selecting Message from the Matter Action Bar.
    • To add a link to the message, select Add Link and enter the URL and text.
    • Use Ctrl+Click to edit the link.
    • You can also add hyperlinks when setting up Automated Communicate messages within Matter Stage sets.
  • Memos now remember font and font size settings when new memos are created. 
    • Note that other formatting changes, such as bold, italic and bullet point settings are not carried over.

Refinements and Bug Fixes

  • Office 365 calendar now synchronises All Day occurrences/series to Smokeball.
  • The Calendar has significant improvements:
    • The daily digest displays events with no time zone data, and recurring events with an end date.
    • The mobile calendar shows the correct start and end time for all day events.
  • In the Activity tab, Leads now display the lead icon instead of the matter icon.
  • The Table of Contents now generate in multiple file PDF documents with more than 32 combined files.
  • The Superannuation Funds folder in the Contacts tab now displays superannuation fund contacts only.
  • There is now a maximum timeout to open files, which unlocks documents in the matter file if the document does not open in Word.
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