Smokeball Billing Release - March 2023

Check out what's new in Smokeball Billing for the month of March.

New Features

Improvements to Credit Card Trust Deposit Requests

Making a Credit Card Trust Deposit Request is now easier. Note that to access this feature, you must have payments connected to your trust account.

  • You can now create a Deposit Request email template for your firm. Access this from Firm Settings > Email Templates.
    • When you create a new Credit Card Deposit Request in a matter, a preview of this email template will also display.
  • You can now enter a specific amount in the Credit Card Deposit Request window.

  • All these steps can be viewed in our Request a trust deposit article.

Apply a credit card payment to multiple invoices at once

When adding a credit card payment in Smokeball Billing or selecting multiple invoices to apply a payment, there is now an option to Take Payment Now, which allows you to select multiple invoices that the payment applies to.

After selecting the invoices, click on Enter Payment Details, where you can enter the client's credit card details and take payment on the spot via the Stripe integration.

Note: Payments are applied to the oldest invoices first.


Turn off Pay button and QR code on invoices

You can now turn off the Pay button and Payment QR code on invoices on a per-matter basis. This is handy for matters where you have arranged a separate financial agreement in place with the client and do not wish to show the buttons on invoices.

Turning off Pay Now and QR codes for a matter will also remove them from emails (such as the invoice email) and the eInvoice portal for that matter.

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