Smokeball Learning Labs

Welcome to Smokeball's Learning Labs! The Learning Labs are a series of real-time webinars hosted by our Training team. We cover a variety of advanced topics in Smokeball, such as:

  • Precedents and automating precedents
  • Trust Accounting basics and reconciliation
  • Letterhead and signature automation
  • AutoTime
  • Invoice and payments settings
  • Smokeball Settings and new releases (for firm admins)

Note that this series is experimental, and webinar topics are subject to change.

Are the Learning Labs interactive?

Yes! When you sign up to a webinar, we will ask you to provide us a specific query to be addressed. This saves time from explaining the query during the session and gives us enough context to dive straight in. 

Book a webinar

We offer various Learning Labs topics on alternating weeks. Select Book here to view the dates that a specific webinar will run, and to understand any pre-work required.

Date & Time Webinar topic What's covered?
Week 1
Tuesday 1:00pm

Precedents (Basics)

Book here

  • Editing containers
  • Navigating the Precedent Library
  • Adding precedents
  • Adding automation fields

Tuesday 1:45pm

Trust training does not follow the fortnightly rotation. Basics occurs every other week, alternating with the Reconciliation webinar.

Trust Accounting (Basics)

Book here

Everything about Trust Accounts, except reconciliation

  • Deposit Funds
  • Transfer Funds
  • Making a trust payment
  • Reversing a trust payment
  • Trust to Office
Wednesday 1:00pm

Letterhead and Signature automation

Book here

  • Document Containers in Smokeball settings
  • Modifying the letterhead across precedents
  • Automating Firm signatures
Wednesday 1:45pm

Invoice Settings

Book here

  • Configuring Smokeball Billing Firm Settings
  • eInvoicing
  • Payment providers
Week 2
Tuesday 1:00pm

Precedents (Advanced)

Book here

  • Automating letterhead signatures
  • If/then/else statements
  • Ask automation
  • Complex precedent setup questions to do with area of practice, e.g. Estate Planning

Tuesday 1:45pm

Trust training does not follow the fortnightly rotation. Reconciliation webinars occur in the first few weeks of the month until the 15th.

Trust Account Reconciliation

Book here

  • Why won’t my account reconcile?
  • End of month reporting
  • Adjustments
Wednesday 1:00pm


Book here

  • Configuring AutoTime settings
  • AutoTime functionality
Wednesday 1:45pm

Smokeball Administrator: SB Settings & New Releases

Book here

  • New Release demos
  • Configuring SB Settings e.g. Matter Config, Workflows


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