Working with Memos

A Memo is a place to store matter work product that you might have previously kept in a legal pad filed alongside your paper file. 

Memos may be used to keep notes on phone call logs, matter logs, record request logs, or any action that occurs in a matter.

Below are some basics of the Memo feature:

Memos are stored in an individual tab located at the top of every matter.

  • If you created a memo prior to Version 5.1, the memo will still be located where they were and can be continued to be edited/used, but all new memos will be created and stored in the Memo tab.


    • Select "Pop Out" to work on a memo next to other screens. Pop-Out Feature allows you to work on more than one memo at once
  • Search for memo title or within memos

  • Right click to attach a memo to a task or see version history
  • Time spent in a memo is automatically tracked by Smokeball's Automatic Activity and Time Tracking (A.I.)

Did you know...

  • To print a memo, select the "print" button at the top of the action bar.

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