Add a PDF Precedent

Smokeball allows you to create precedents in Word, PDF and Excel format. Currently, Word and PDF precedents can be automated. However, it is recommended that you send any PDF documents that you want automated to our Client Precedents Team.

How to add a PDF Precedent to your Precedent Library

  1. Open a Matter in Smokeball
  2. Access the Precedent Library
  3. Navigate to the folder that you would like to add the Precedent to
  4. Click Add a precedent
  5. Select 'Browse for an existing document'
  6. Click Browse
  7. Ensure the drop-down is set to search for .pdf file types
  8. Locate the PDF document that you would like to add
  9. Click Open
  10. Untick the 'Is Automated PDF document'
  11. Name the Precedent
  12. Click Create
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