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Smokeball's Activity Intelligence helps keep track of every matter you open, calendar event, document created, tasks, emails sent/received, and memos. There are some tasks or events you may want to keep track of that happen outside of Smokeball.

Make sure you add all additional activities and tasks completed to a specific matter to ensure you have the most accurate information for your activity.

Add an activity from the matter

  • Date is defaulted to the current day but you may change this
  • Staff name of current user is pre-filled and can be changed if the activity was carried out by another staff
  • Enter Duration in the format of hh:mm
  • Matter is automatically linked to the matter you generated this activity from
  • Enter details of what you want to appear on Activity Intelligence

Add an activity from Activity Intelligence View

If there are additional activities that haven't been traced, simply enter a separate activity and link it to the relevant matter:


  • Remember to enter a matter in the activity by typing the client's name or clicking on 'BROWSE'

Activity will appear in Activity Intelligence

It will also appear on your Auto:Time preview tab

Did you know...

  • Smokeball automatically tracks your Activities completed in Smokeball and assigns a time value to it, these Activities will appear on the Activity Intelligence tab or Auto:Time preview tab
  • You can amend an Activity from the A.I. or Activity tab by double-clicking on it
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