Precedent Profiles

Your precedent profile settings allow you to subscribe and unsubscribe to form suites that you may need in each of your matters. Your Client Relationship Manager will subscribe you to all suites in your state when setting up your account however, if you are doing a one off matter in another state, or there are some suites you do not use in that state and want to remove them, you can do this here. 

You can access your precedent profile settings by either:

  1. Opening Smokeball Settings and going to the Precedent Profiles Tab
  2. Opening the precedent library in your matter and selecting the settings cog wheel in the top right corner.

How to Subscribe/ Unsubscribe from precedent profiles

  1. Tick or Untick any suite in the list
  2. If you are requiring suites in other states update the drop down to the relevant state.

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