Adjustments Reconciling with Unknown Debits and Credits

You can still reconcile your trust account even though you have unknown debits and credits appearing on your trust bank statement.

Unknown Credit

When a credit appears on your bank statement without any reference and you don't know what matter it relates to, you can use an Adjustment to reconcile in Smokeball.

  1. From the Reconciliation page, select Adjustment tab
  2. Select Add Adjustment
  3. Enter the date as appears on your bank statement for that transaction
  4. Enter the reason for this item not being entered onto a ledger
  5. Enter the amount of the transaction
  6. Select Deposit
  7. Select Add

Unknown Debit

If you have a debit on your trust bank account statement which does not appear in Smokeball to flag as reconciled, it is likely one of the two following scenarios:

  1. A bank fee. Contact your bank to have this fee reversed. Trust accounts should not incur bank fees. In the meantime, to reconcile for this month, use an Adjustment as detailed above, changing to withdrawal in step 6
  2. There is a trust payment that has not been entered into smokeball. Identify which matter it related to and create a trust payment on the relevant matter

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