Advanced Combined PDF Features


Advanced Features of PDF Creation include: 

  • Cover page 

  • Table of Contents 

  • Bookmarks 

  • Pagination 

  • Password protection  

  • Edit preferences after save 

To access the new PDF functionality, users can simply open the “Create multiple file PDF” menu that is available upon right clicking a document. 

Once you are in the Combined PDF window, you will notice a number of new options available for the document. 

Cover Page

Users can choose to set a cover page in the document which will mark the first document in the Selected files list as the cover page. This document will be marked with a page icon. 


The purpose of doing this will ensure that this document is always seen as the cover page when working with Table of contents and pagination preferences.  

Table of Contents

By selecting the Table of Contents option an autogenerated Table of Contents will be included in the final copy of the combined PDF.  

The Table of contents will be positioned as page 1 in the final copy unless a cover page has been marked, in which case, it would follow the cover page.  


Pagination can be applied to the final document and allows you to choose your preferences around display, positioning and when to show/start the count. 



By selecting Bookmarks the document will be generated with bookmarks that allow viewers to easily navigate between documents within the compiled PDF.  

Secure PDF

Although Smokeballs combined PDF functionality has always had secure PDF, we have built on this to allow users to create their own read and/or write passwords.  


By setting a password on read, this will mean that anyone who wishes to read the PDF will be required to enter the password first. 


Write passwords will allow anyone to view the document but will be unable to edit it unless they have the password.  


At any stage of compiling the PDF, users can now preview what the document will look like before they save it. This will help with ensuring pagination does not overlap with any pre-existing pagination that may be on an individual document within.  

Show/Hide emails

Users can now opt to hide/show emails from the available file list to make it easier to locate the relevant documents. 


Edit Combined PDF 

We have now also provided the ability to edit a pre-created combined PDF from within Smokeball. This will help with making changes after the document has been created without needing to start all over again. For example, if a non-signed version of the document was accidently included instead of the signed one.  


All edits to the combined PDF will also be stored in the document history. 


Rules and Behaviour

  • If a cover page is not selected, users are still able to select the “cover page” options when setting their pagination preferences. We will default it to the next suitable setting if one is not selected.  

Secure PDF: 

  • If a password is set on a document you will need to enter this in before editing 

  • There is no way to reset/recover password 

  • You do not need both read and write entered 


  • “Show” indicates where the user wants to start showing the pagination in the document 

  • “Start count from” indicates where the users wants the pagination to start counting from.  

I.e. If I opted to “Start” from cover page but “show” after cover page then the cover page would be “Page 1” but the pagination wouldn’t appear until the table of contents which would show as “Page 2 of 60” 

If you require further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us 

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