AI Duration

One of Smokeball's unique tools is the ability to keep track of every activity being done on a particular matter. Activity Intelligence is similar to having an activity tracker like a fit bit or pedometer that helps you remember every new matter opening, events, tasks, documents, emails, memos, and even matter administration.

Rather than spend extra time trying to remember everything that was completed for a client or to create a spreadsheet or itemised report, do your work in Smokeball and use the activity tab within matters.

How AI Duration is Tracked:

Matter Administration Anytime the matter window is opened and data entry is performed in any field under Matter details, an activity will be created 6 minutes
Document When Word, Excel, or PDF document is created, edited, or opened for review, the activity item will be created. 6 minutes

Email activity is grouped daily per person per matter as emails are sent or received.


Email sent or reviewed time is logged. If the email is idle or saved to drafts, the accumulated time will be applied.


Emails reviewed for a minimum of 10 seconds are recorded as activity. If an email is reviewed again within a 10-minute window, the accumulated time will be applied

1 minute
Memo When a new memo is saved to a matter, the activity item will be created. Manual Entry
Event Calendar events in Smokeball that occur in the past are shown as activity items. If the event time and duration, these will be updated in the activity duration. Manual Entry - Duration of the Calendar Event
Task Task activities are created when a user completes a task. This happens whether the task is completed from the task list, daily digest, or mobil app. Manual Entry
Activity An activity will create a task item and will operate as a task. Manual Entry
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