Basic Navigation and Features

What does Smokeball's integration with InfoTrack do?

  • Populates your matter data direct from Title search in NSW & VIC
  • Populates your InfoTrack order screens to eliminate time wasting data entry 
  • Returns your searches directly into your matter 
  • Provides easy access to your search fee summaries
  • Allows you to see the status of incomplete searches without needing to leave your matter
  • Allows you to create a PEXA workspace using the data you have entered into Smokeball  
  • Allows you to electronically sign your documents on the spot using SignIT 

Matter screen navigation

InfoTrack Tab


Capturing InfoTrack in Time & Expenses

Matter screen navigation

1. InfoTrack tab

This tab allows for easy navigation into your InfoTrack screens. Go to InfoTrack Tab for more information 


This will launch you directly into InfoTrack to create a workspace. Go to PEXA for more information.

3. InfoTrack document Filter

This allows you to filter your documents to show only the InfoTrack searches saved on this matter. 

NOTE: Searches will only appear in the documents tab once it has returned from InfoTrack. If you cannot see a search in this list you should go into the InfoTrack tab to check on the status.

InfoTrack Tab

1. Action Bar

By clicking on the desired action this will launch you Into InfoTrack. From here you can order your searches, Create a PEXA work Space and View the Matter fee summary.

2. Right Click Functionality

By right clicking on any search you will have the option to "save to matter" or "view"

NOTE: Searches will automatically save to your matter however if in the event that it does not save you can manually do this from here.

3. Status/ User/ Amount

This is where you can view your search information including the status, user and the associated fee's. 

NOTE: Searches will only save into your Smokeball Documents once it is completed. If the status is Pending, Waiting, Sent to the authority or Error you should contact InfoTrack for more information.


By clicking on the PEXA button in your main screen or from the InfoTrack Tab you will be launched into InfoTrack to create a PEXA workspace. 

1. Auto-population

Any information from your matter will be populated into this screen

2. Create workspace

When you are satisfied with the information on this screen you can then click into "Create workspace" to launch into PEXA.

Did you know:

InfoTrack disbursements can be automatically captured in your Time and Expenses?

To do this simply:

1. Open your Smokeball Settings

2. Click on InfoTrack

3. Select Automatically create an expense for InfoTrack orders

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