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Billing Permissions


As firms grow, there can come a time where an individual staff member's activities and rates can become more sensitive, and it may no longer be appropriate or desirable to allow staff members to view activity or financially specific information on a matter.


To meet this need we have released User Permissions. User Permissions can be set by a Firm Owner and are designed to restrict sensitive information to best suit the firm’s needs.

Feature Details

User Permissions have four primary areas of access:

  • Full Billing App Access:
    This gives full access to all of Billing, and is the default permission

  • Hourly Rates:
    This will show or hide a staff member's individual rates, though will still show time entries

  • Time Entries:
    This will show or hide a staff member's time entries, including the rates

  • Billing Widget:
    This will show or hide the Billing widget shown on a matter, which contains financial information about that matter

Full Billing Access is the default setting and will give full access to Billing and staff billing related information on a matter, or Smokeball Firm Owners could optionally set levels of access for individual staff members to allow them to view and access information based on the information type and even by individual colleague.

For example, a firm could allow junior staff members to view only their own activities but allow mid-level staff members to access other mid-level colleagues' activities and rates without seeing senior staff's activities and rates.

Using Permissions:

Firm Owners can access permissions by logging in to Smokeball desktop, going to the Settings icon, selecting Staff & Users, and then click on the Permissions button.

What Staff See: 

Permissions are applied in two main ways – removing staff listings from select boxes where the current user does not have permission to see their information (such as adding new time entries on behalf of other staff members), or by hiding rates and fees by showing a padlock in their place.

This gives firms the ability to keep confidential information secure to just the staff members who need to see it, whilst still allowing their team to work as usual, without Smokeball Billing.

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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