Staff and Users

To access your Staff and users list, go to Smokeball settings > Staff and Users 

Staff level Information available for autopopulation

It is important to enter in as much information to your Staff and User cards as you can as this is where Smokeball will pick up the relevant information for your precedents and letter signatures.

  • Name - It is advised to enter in your full legal name as this will populate into the signing fields on your documents
  • Initials - The initials are used in matters to show who has completed certain work 
  • Contact Details - Used to populate containers and any relevant precedents
  • Role - Ensure you enter the role you wish to display under your name when signing 
  • Solicitor numbers - Practising certificate number

Add a new user into Smokeball

1. Click on Add New

2. Enter in your new staff members information (Minimum requirement is their name and email)

3. Click on Enable Smokeball Access for this user

4. select "Yes"

5. Open the users email account and there will be an email named "You have been invited to join..." 

6. Click on "Get started" in the body of the email

7. Enter in your email address and password

8. Click Register

Disable user access/ Set user as former staff member

Image result for light bulb emojiIf you are replacing a User and intend to re-use the same email address please contact the Support team to assist so you do not overrite the historical activities.

1. Open the users information card

2. Select "Former staff"

3. Select "Continue" 

4. The card will now appear with "Former staff " selected 

5. Click Save to lock in your changes

Image result for light bulb emojiYou can also set a card to former staff by right clicking on the name from the "Staff and users" main view and then selecting "Set as Former Staff"

Restore a Former Staff card

1. Right click anywhere in the Staff and Users list

2. Select "Show Former Staff"

3. Open the Former Staff card

4. Untick "Former Staff"

5. Select "Enable Smokeball Access for this User" 

6. For instructions after this step please see "Add a new user into Smokeball" above.

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