Communicate January 2022 Release

Each release contains enhancements, tech updates and big fixes. See below for an overview of major changes.


Secondary Box within an SMS Reply removed


For a reply within Communicate, the original message from the law firm was displayed within the reply from the third party.

This made reading the replies unnecessarily confusing, especially when the reply directly followed the initial message.


Hide the extra box that shows the original box, and remove the mobile number heading.

Feature Details

The reply message now simply shows the option to view the original.

Click “Show original message” to display the original message that was sent by the firm.

You can then choose to “Hide original message”.
In addition, you can also click on the “View Message” link which will take you to the section in Communicate where the original message was first sent so that you can see it in its original context.

Loading Page Icon Changed


The current view of the loading page shows diagnostic information which is very useful when troubleshooting but it is not user-friendly.


A simpler “Communicate Loading” message with a spinning circle is now initially displayed.

If the system takes more than 10 seconds to load, then the screen will revert to displaying the original system diagnostic information in order to assist the client-facing support team to troubleshoot the problem.

Conversation Header Formatting Improved


When there are several people in a conversation, the names are displayed in a format that is not easy to recognise straightaway.


Trailing names have now been replaced with an ellipsis, and you can click on the names area of your screen to display an expanded view of the names in full.


Fixed: Android Upload Fails when selecting "Add from Files"

When trying to attach files from an Android device using the “Add from files” option, the files appear to have uploaded but in fact had failed. This bug has been fixed in this release.

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