Communicate just got easier June 2021 Release

Great news! We have listened to your feedback on Communicate and are releasing an update that will make it easier for your clients and third parties to get started, even those who are not very tech savvy!

We have made 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) optional when joining Communicate which now means that your new clients and third parties can get started in Communicate without needing to complete the 2FA steps via SMS. They can get straight into their conversation with you and start messaging within seconds.

When they are signed in to Communicate, the app will start to remind them to turn on their Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) by choosing either an Authentication app or SMS as their preference.

And to make things even easier for you, we have added 4 different recovery options so if they lose their mobile phones, they can still access their conversations without needing to call you or us. They simply just follow the simple recovery steps presented on screen to gain access.

What does this mean for your existing clients who are using Communicate?

Your existing clients will see no change. They will still connect using their SMS 2FA code, however, if they wish to use an Authenticator app instead, they can change their preference when signed into the app.

How can I ensure my conversation has extra security?

You will be able to see if your client or third party has enabled MFA from the conversations, see image below.

If you see a lock on their avatar, they have MFA enabled, if you see an unlock icon on their avatar, the user has not yet enabled MFA.

This does not impact yours or their functionality but if you would prefer not to send bank details until their account has MFA, you can simply request they turn MFA on before sending them any sensitive information.

We know you and your clients are going to love these new changes making it much easier for clients to get started with Communicate and enabling your users to take control over their MFA and recovery options.

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