Community Set Up

You can find the Community within Smokeball, by selecting the Community tab:

Alternatively, you can open the Community in your browser by going to 

When signing up for the first time, ensure you use the same email address that is connected to your existing Smokeball account

Follow these few steps to start joining Groups and posting in the Community:

  1. Set up your Profile by clicking on the top-right avatar and selecting Profile. Add your Name, Title and a friendly photo!
  2. Click 'Home' to navigate to the Main FeedHere you can use the Search Bar to find answers to commonly asked questions, post general questions and answers and view important posts for the Community.
  3. Click 'Groups' to navigate to the available list of Groups. Here you can request to join any group that interests you. Once you have joined, start a post to say hi and introduce yourself to your peers.
  4. Click 'All Topics' to navigate to the available list of Topics. Here you can follow any topic that interests you.
  5. Remember to keep asking questions and posting to increase your Reputation points.

We regularly host competitions on the Community, so make sure you check out what you need to do to win!

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