Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Smokeball allows you to create an email marketing campaign based on contact roles or contact tags

*Note: There is a fee to utilise Email Marketing.

You will be asked to enter credit card details once you select to send the email campaign

Cost Per Campaign $5.00
Cost Per Email Recipient $0.01

Enable Email Marketing

To enable Email Marketing:

1. Open Smokeball settings from the main Smokeball window

Navigate to Smokeball settings (1) and select Email Marketing (2)

Check the Enable email marketing box (3) and select the administrator (4)

The administrator will then receive an email - follow the prompts to finalise set up

Once the setup is complete you can access "Email Marketing" via the Contact Tab on the Smokeball home page

Sync a contact list from Smokeball

Navigate to Smokeball settings (1), select Email Marketing (2), select Add new (3) then choose either Role or Tag (4)

For help in creating a custom Tag list in Smokeball, please see our article Contact Tags

Create a Campaign

Select the Campaigns tab (1) then Create a new campaign (2)

Set up the campaign by completing all relevant sections (3) then Next (4)

Choose a template (5)

Edit the content on the template by typing directly in the areas. You can upload images and videos as well.

When you are ready to move on and all content is edited, select Preview (6)

Review the preview or send a test email. When ready to finalise, select I'm done, return to snapshot (7)

Select Define recipients (8)

Select a previously created list (9)  then Next (10)

Review campaign snapshot and Schedule delivery (11)

Review information on screen, then Send campaign now (12)

Once a campaign is created, you can access helpful reporting into the effectiveness of the email campaign, See campaign report (13)

Sample of Report

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