Create an Invoice

electric-light-bulb_1f4a1.pngFirst, set up your Time & Expense activity codes. If you have not done this, please follow the steps in this article: How to Set Up Time & Expenses

  1. Open the Matter that you would like to produce an invoice for
  2. Navigate to the Time & Expenses tab
  3. Click on the Time & Fees tab 
  4. Add the Activity Codes for any Time & Fees that you wish to invoice for

  5. Click on the Expenses tab
  6. Add the Activity Codes for any Expenses that you wish to invoice for
  7. Click Billing

  8. Your Matter will open in Google Chrome on the Time & Fees tab in Smokeball Billing
  9. Click 'Create Invoice'

  10. Apply any write offs or discounts to your Invoice
  11. Click Finalise Draft

  12. Use any of the action buttons to Add Payment, Email, Download or Edit your Invoice

Did you know...

  • If you have Xero or MYOB Essentials integration turned on, a paid Invoice will feed through to your Journal Reports and Bank Account/s in your accounting software
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