Creating an Automated PDF Precedent

To create an automated PDF document:

  1. Save the PDF that you want as a precedent onto your pc
  2. Open an existing matter
  3. Open your Precedent Library by clicking on the 'Precedent' icon
  4. Navigate to the folder where you would like your new Precedent to be located and click 'Add a precedent'
  5. Select 'Browse for an existing document' and then the Browse button

  6. Locate the PDF document you wish to automate, highlight it and select Open
  7. The Add a Precedent Screen will now have a checkbox marked 'Is Automated PDF document', and the name of the document which you can change here. When ready select Create

  8. Your document will open in our PDF Viewer and you will see existing PDF fields in the document (if any) by the form creator, in a toolbar, and the Smokeball automation toolbar
  9. Select any field in the document, note in the PDF fields toolbar the name of the field and whether it is mapped to a Smokeball field
  10. Select the required field from the Smokeball toolbar to automate your document as you would a Word document. Continue for all fields
  11. Save & Close

Congratulations, you just created an Automated PDF. You can now open this PDF with any matter and have the fields you added populate.
Note: Not all PDF documents are able to be automated in Smokeball. They must be 'fillable' PDFs that are not interactive. I.e. the format of the page does not change depending on the content entered.
If you require further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team on 1300 33 55 53 or submit a Support ticket.
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