Using Firm Insights reports

Smokeball has business intelligence reporting for law firms. Firm Insights takes profitability reporting to the next level. Each report gives you different insights to the health of your law firm. Below you will find a summary of each Firm Insights report.

Firm Insights reporting access is available exclusively to Smokeball Prosper and must be designated to users. If you need Firm Insights access, reach out to your Account Manager or submit a support request.

New Business Insights

Use this report to analyse new matters opened. You can quickly understand what matters have been opened in the past week month, and year to look for trends.

The New Business Insights report also breaks down your matters by matter type, person responsible, person assisting and referral source. You'll have a quick view of what types of clients and matters coming in the door.

Conveyancing/ Settlement Insights

For Conveyancing matters, you can have a clear view of the upcoming settlements in the next week, 30 days or 3 months.

Smokeball Activity Insights

Smokeball Activity Insights takes a deep dive into how your firm is using Smokeball. This usage reporting includes how many matters, files stored, documents automated, emails, tasks, events, mobile app, and fees.

Use this report to understand what features you are utilising and not using in Smokeball. Smokeball is a very powerful program that can positively impact your practice's profitability. If you are not using a particular feature, reach out to your Client Success Manager for training on how that feature can help your practice.

Lead Analysis & Insights

Lead Analysis & Insights takes the referral source of your matter and information found in New Business Insights further to understand what referrers are driving clients to your practice.

Use this report to better understand what referral resources or particular people help get clients walking through your door. This report can help you understand where to spend money on advertising, marketing, etc.


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