Deposit - Entering a Trust Deposit

1. Open the Matter that the Trust Deposit needs to be made for in either Smokeball or Smokeball Billing.

2. Navigate to the Transactions tab in Smokeball Trust Accounting & Billing 

3. Select the Deposit Funds button.

4. Enter the Date that the Trust Monies were received.

5. Select who the Trust Monies were paid into the account by.

Note: The Paid By party will default to the client. However, you may need to enter a different party in as the Paid By contact. If this is the case, select the 'x' and begin typing in the Paid By party's name. If the party is a Contact in Smokeball, select them. If the party has not yet been added as a party to Smokeball, you will need to return to Smokeball and add the party as a New Contact.

6. Enter the Amount that was deposited into the Trust Account.

Note: Remember to check that the Balance After Deposit amount matches your own records.

7. Select the Payment Type from the drop-down box.

8. Enter all relevant details for a Cheque, Cash, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer Payment.

9. Enter the Deposit Reference.

10. Enter in the Reason that the Trust Monies are being held in the trust account.

11. Enter an Internal Note if you wish to add further information outside of the audit required reason. 

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