Email Container

How to Create an email container:

Video Guide

1. Go to the Firm Settings by clicking the Cog Wheel in the top right-hand screen on the home page.

2. Go to Document Container’s and click “Add”.

3. Write ‘Email’ for the name, Choose ‘Letter’ for type and chose blank document click 'Create'.

4. In the blank document write the word ‘Dear’ and then insert the ‘Addressee Dear’ field to automate it.

(You insert fields by using the field toolbar on the right hand side of the page, once you have found the field simply double click the field to insert it into the document)

5. From the field toolbar on the right-hand side insert ‘Body content’ to populate the content of the precedent into the body of the email.

6. Hit ‘Save and Close’.

You will now find the email container available as an option when opening letters or precedents and can send as a 'Body Text'.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Support Team on 1300 33 55 53 or email

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