Enter a Fee Time or Expense Entry on a Matter

Once you have Set Up Time & Expenses you will be able to apply your Fee, Time or Expense entries on a matter.

  1. Select the Time & Expenses tab from your Matter
  2. If you are adding in a Time or Fee Code, ensure you are on the Time & Fees tab
  3. If you are adding in an Expense Code, ensure you are on the Expenses tab
  4. Use the Activity drop-down to locate the Code
  5. Click Add

Did you know...

  • You can add in Time, Fee or Expense Entries manually, by simply typing in your Subject and Price
  • There are two ways to generate an Invoice. If you have Smokeball Billing, please follow the steps here. If you do not have Smokeball Billing, simply navigate to the Precedent button and locate 'Tax Invoice - basic table'
  • You can use Matter Configuration to set the default Time & Fee Codes for a particular Matter Type
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