Generating Documents

This article will show you how to create the following documents:

Balance Sheet 

1. To represent the Other Side's balance sheet in any document you create, once you have the assets and liabilities in your client’s working balance sheet, go to  and select  . Click OK at the prompt. 

2. Then Switch to the Other Side’s balance sheet by going back to Balance sheets

3. Make any amendments to show the Other Side's assertions as to the assets and liabilities, values, and proposals. 

4. Switch back to your client's working balance sheet.  

5. To create and download a balance sheet, go to More at the top of your Dashboard.  The Word version of the balance sheet can be generated by selecting "Balance sheet."

6. You can also create other versions of the balance sheet. Select "Show all" to view the list of documents you can generate. 

Application for Consent Orders

1. To create an Application for Consent Orders, go to More at the top of your Dashboard and select Show All.  

2. In the "Download Matter Documents" window, scroll down to Agreements and select 'Draft Application for Consent Orders' to generate the document. 

3. If you need to make any amendments in the form, you should make those changes in your Dashboard and then simply generate a fresh copy of the Draft Application for Consent Orders.

Financial Statement

To create a Financial Statement, go to More at the top of your Dashboard. You can either then use the Smart Form to fully automate all sections of your document OR create the Draft Financial Statement in Word.  

Smart Form 

1. Select Smart forms. 

2. Select Financial Statement then follow the guided Smart Form. 

Draft Financial Statement 

1. Go to More at the top of your Dashboard and select Show All.   

2. Scroll down to Court documents and Click on the Draft Financial Statement to download the draft form. You can also choose to launch the Smart Form (to complete all sections of the document) from this view. 

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