How To Navigate the Smokeball Support Hub

Below you will find information on how to navigate our training articles and videos.

Basic Navigation

(1) Search: Search for what you are looking for by topic. Try using keywords in an advanced search.

(2) Server Status: Is Smokeball down? Check for outages on our status page.

(3) Community: Access the Smokeball Community to learn how to make the most out of Smokeball from like-minded users.

(4) Quick Links: Select any quick link for commonly accessed parts of Smokeball's Support Hub.

(5) Topics: View help articles related to all features in Smokeball.

(6) FAQs: Jump directly to help articles based on the most commonly asked questions.

(7) Talk to our Team: Prefer to chat with our team? Submit a request here.

(8) Get remote assistance: If any of our team members need to access your Smokeball firm remotely, enter the 6-digit code here.


How to watch a video in an article

Some articles have short videos on how a particular feature works in Smokeball. You can view each video on the web page, but for best viewing, expand the video to full screen.


Article viewing tips and tricks

Each article has a step-by-step guide with pictures walking you through how to use a feature in Smokeball.

  • If an image is too small to read, click the image to zoom in to a full-size image.
  • Use the Table of contents on the right side of an article to quickly navigate between sections.
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