Importing Documents into a Matter

To import documents from your computer into a Smokeball matter, simply click the Import button in the Action Bar in any matter.

From there you can select to import Files or Folders.

  • Selecting Files will open a window to browse through your computer and locate the documents to be imported.
    • You can select multiple documents at a time.
    • Documents will then be copied into the Smokeball matter and will appear in the document list. The originals will not be affected.
  • Selecting Folders will also open a window to browse through. With this option though you will select an entire folder to bring into the matter.
    • When Folders are imported the Folder itself will now appear in the document list, containing all the documents originally in that folder.
  • You can also access the Import Files or Folders options by right clicking within the document list in a matter.
  • An additional method of importing documents is to Click-and-Drag files from a folder on your computer into the document list of a Smokeball matter. Please note this does not work with Outlook emails and attachments. For information on importing those items see our section on Email Basics and Outlook.

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