Insert Electronic Signatures with SignIt

InfoTrack is an online search tool that specialises in connecting conveyancers and law firms with report services they need to purchase, use, or subscribe to throughout the legal process.

One of the handy features is accepting electronic signatures with SignIt 

You'll be able to add the option for an electronic signature when creating a document in Microsoft Word. Note: Electronic signatures through InfoTrack are discounted to $5 per signature for Smokeball clients.

You will need to Activate InfoTrack to utilise these features.

How to Create Electronic Signatures with InfoTrack: DocuSign

1. Generate a form or letter in Smokeball

 Note: Before sending the document for the client to sign, make sure all required changes and updates are made to the document

2. Add a signature to the document

  • Select the area on the document where the electronic signature will be
  • On the Smokeball toolbar on the top left, select the arrow under Sign --> and then Add Signature

3. Insert a Signature field by selecting the appropriate option. Once you click on it, a field will be inserted into the document. Note: Click Alt-F9 to view fields that are signed. You can also enable Field Shading in Word to show the field where the signature will be.

4. Click back on Sign

 Review/Edit signatures and Send to Sign to complete 

5. InfoTrack SignIT will open in a web browser and show as pending

6. You can track the signature of the document through InfoTrack at any time and see all InfoTrack orders for a matter on the InfoTrack tab. Double click the entry to see status updates

7. The client will receive an email from you on behalf of InfoTrack. They can easily click on the email to sign electronically.

  • The client will receive a reminder on day 3, then every 2 days for 30 days by email until they sign the document
  • Both parties will receive confirmation when the signature is complete and a copy of the signed document.

8. The completed document will be stored in the documents section of a matter.

Here is what the signature through InfoTrack will look like on a document.

Did you know...

  • You can also track the status of signatures as well as all other orders in InfoTrack
  • Click Alt-F9 to view fields that are signed
  • Multiple parties can sign the same document. If/Then/Else statements can be set up to generate the option for additional parties to sign
  • You can cancel a request
  • Fee Summary will generate a printable report of all InfoTrack fees generated for a specific matter

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