Matter Templates

electric-light-bulb_1f4a1.pngMatter templates help you when you have multiple matters that require the same information every time. A template can be set up for one specific client that has multiple matters or for a matter type that always has specific fields.

How to create a Matter Template:

1. From the Home Screen select New Matter

2. Select the Templates tab and select "Create Matter Template"

3. Select the state and matter type then hit 'Next'. Then enter name and category for this template. You can create multiple templates for each category (e.g. you can create a category for 'Strata Properties' then create different templates for Purchase, Sale and Proposed Sale)

4. Enter in appropriate information and add/remove specific fields and select done

6. Once template is created, you use the matter by selecting it under your templates

Did you know...

You can create a matter type favorite of any templates as well

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