A Memo is a note pad with basic formatting, but you can also add timestamps to the memo. Memos can be used in a variety of ways and you can add as many memos to matters as you would like. Below are some basics of the Memo feature and a some best practice ideas.

Memo Basics

  1. Add a timestamps or print memos
  2. Enter a subject for the memo
  3. Body of memo including various formating options
  4. Duration: Enter how many minutes you spent creating the memo. Only enter a duration for memos you don't plan on editing for activity tracking purposes. Note: Once a memo is created, you cannot edit duration from the memo. You can put a duration under Activity Intelligence

Memo Best Practices

1. Phone Call Log notes: Every staff member can enter detailed notes for every conversation with a client or other parties involved in a matter. The call log allows you to quickly access every conversation each staff memeber has with a client as well as recall important topics discussed.

2. Matter Log: Every Smokeball activity will be tracked in Activity Intelligence. However, you can use Memo to keep a detailed log of matter administration actions.

3. Deposition notes, Discovery notes, Record request logs, etc.

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