Completing your Trust Bank Reconciliation

  1. Ensure that you have entered all transactions to Smokeball Billing for this reconciliation period
  2. Ensure that you have a copy of your Trust Account Bank Statement for this reconciliation period
  3. Navigate to the Accounts > Bank Reconciliation tab
  4. Click 'Create Reconciliation'
  5. Ensure that the date range for the Reconciliation period is correct
  6. Look at your Bank Statement and find the closing balance. Enter this figure in to the 'Bank Statement' amount
  7. Compare your Bank Statement with the Transaction List
  8. Tick all transactions that appear on your Bank Statement
  9. Your balance on the right-hand side of the screen should now show a $0.00 variance
  10. Click Reconcile > Complete
  11. Print and sign your Bank Reconciliation Report


  • If your Bank Reconciliation is not balanced, you may not have entered a Transaction into Smokeball Billing for this period. Check that all transactions appearing on your Bank Statement have been entered to Smokeball Billing
  • Also check that all figures are correct and that no figures have been transposed
  • You can re-generate your Bank Reconciliation Report from the Accounts > Bank Reconciliation tab
  • If you are unable to reconcile, please call our Support team on 1300 33 55 53 for assistance.
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