Relevant URLs in Matter Configuration

The purpose of Relevant URLs in Matter Configuration is to provide quick access to sites where you need to upload matter documents but where an API cannot or does not exist yet.

To utilise the Relevant URLs feature, you will need to do the following: 

1. Go to Smokeball Settings > Matter Configuration

2. Click Add New

3. Select a matter type (e.g.Purchase)> Click Relevant URLS > Enter the Name and URL of the website

4. Save

5. Go to a matter under the matter type that was set up in Matter Conguration

6. Right click on the document that you wish to upload


If you select multiple documents, right click and select "Publish Online", you will be directed to create a combined PDF before being directed to the webpage. 

If you right click on a non-PDF document, a prompt will appear asking if you would like to convert it to a PDF document.

7. Select "Publish Online" > Select the URL from the list

8. This will open the webpage directly and automatically copy the local location of the document to your clipboard so you do not need to save it locally in order to upload it
9. Once you are redirected to the webpage > Click upload > Paste the location of the document (copied for you previously) into the relevant field on the webpage

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