Set Up Your MYOB Integration

Use MYOB integration and your Smokeball payments will be sent to MYOB automatically.

  1. Click on the settings cog wheel in the top-right of the Smokeball Billing screen > Firm Settings
  2. Navigate to the MYOB tab
  3. You will see 2 options 'myob Essentials' and 'myob AccountRight + Essentials v2'
  4. If you have MYOB AccountRight, before clicking to connect, open the desktop application and make sure the below settings have been selected.
  5. Firstly make sure the datafile is set to online (if your datafile is not online please go to MYOB Help Article or contact MYOB).
  6. Second select 'Setup' and 'User Access'.    

7. Select the correct account on the left, then make sure the box is ticked next to 'This user will sign on with my.MYOB account (Recommended)'.

8. Also make sure the correct email address is entered.

9. Go back into Smokeball Billing, under settings, MYOB and click the button that corresponds with your version on MYOB 

10.  A new tab will open in your browser that re-directs you to MYOB 

11. Log in to MYOB and Allow access

12. Once connected, go back to the Smokeball Billing browser tab

13. Select your MYOB Company File

14. Tick to Activate General Ledger Link

15. Where it says 'Operating Bank Account' select your Office/General account from the drop-down list

16. Where it says 'Legal Fees Income' select your Fees Revenue account from the drop-down list

17. Where it says 'Client Cost Recovery Income' select your Disbursements/Expenses Revenue account from the drop-down list

18. (If Office Payments feature has been enabled) Where it says 'Client Cost Liability Account' select your Office Payments/Cheques account from the drop-down list

19. Click Save

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