Transactions already reconciled

Note: This will only affect your first Reconciliation after 15 July 2020, and only if you have reconciled transactions in the previous period that were entered in the current reconciliation period.

If you are reconciling and don't see an already checked, greyed-out transaction in the list, then this does not affect you.

If you do see one of these transactions, please read on.

When the changes to Reconciliations to use the entered date of transactions were implemented, you may have some transactions that were reconciled in a previous period, however, were entered in the current reconciliation period

For example:

A Bank Deposit of $500 is received into your bank on 30 June, however, you received it in Smokeball on 1 July.

When you reconciled June, this transaction was reconciled.

Now when you go to reconcile July, you will see that this transaction will again appear in the list of transactions to reconcile, because its entered date is in July. This line item will be greyed out and flagged automatically.  You cannot unflag it.

You may also notice that your opening balance is not the same as the closing balance on your previous reconciliation. Again, this is a 1 time only event and is unavoidable because of the transition to the different reconciliation dates.  You should still be able to reconcile to the current bank account balance as per normal.

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