Version 6.6 Jan 2020

This release featured a lot of enhancements and technology updates and improvements that you may not notice, but which will improve your Smokeball Experience.

The changes that you will notice are:

Communicate Window Pop Out

You are now able to pop out your Communicate window and use this independently to your main Smokeball app.

Simply click the Pop Out button from the top of the Communicate tab.

Once you have the Communicate window popped out you can continue to work in smokeball without needing to close Communicate

Ability to select which relationship to a party (ie Plaintiff's Medical Provider) to write to when multiple exist

If there is more than one of the role on the matter (ie Plaintiff) we prompt the user to select which Plaintiff to address the letter to. 

We have now extended that to the relationship of a party. (ie Plaintiff's Medical Provider).

When creating a precedent, you can select the party & the related party as an Addressee on a letter (see eg: Plaintiff - Medical Provider).

When you generate this precedent letter, and there are multiple of the addressee party type on the matter, you will now receive a prompt to select the client, and the relevant Medical Provider.

Once you select the party you want the letter addressed to, it will populate with that party's information

Updated Document Change Notification Screen

When you open a precedent that has been updated by Smokeball, you receive a prompt to decide how to deal with the update.

When your firm has previously made changes to the document, the yellow bar appears to alert you.

From this screen you can:

  • See all updates of this document - See detailed list
  • Update the current document you use - Yes Please
  • Leave it & ask again next time - Not right now
  • Leave my document and don't ask me again - No thank you

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please contact our Support team on 1300 33 55 53 or via email

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