Version 6.7 Mar 2020

New Features


Each version contains many enhancements, tech updates and bug fixes. We list below the major changes that all users will receive.

New Features

  • Communicate: Shared document status column 
  • Matter Number to be displayed in Matter Header
  • Internal Matter Conversations
  • Communicate Message button added to Word Toolbar

Communicate: Shared document status column 

We have added a new “Shared” column within the matter document list to help users identify documents that have been sent and received via Communicate.

Feature details:

  • New Shared column

Hidden by default, users can right click on the column headers to check (or uncheck) to display Shared

  • Communicate filter

Users will now be able to see all sent and received documents within the Communicate filter. (Previously only included received documents)

  • Tool tip

Users can hover on status icon to gain more information on the status

Status definitions:

Matter Number to be displayed in Matter Header

We have added the Matter number/Internal reference into the matter header to provide visibility of this regardless of what matter what tab you are in.

Internal Matter Conversations
We have introduced an Internal matter conversations feature into Communicate for users of Smokeball only

You can now send a matter related message to a staff member within your firm

All users in the firm will be able to see this Internal Matter Conversation

Communicate Message button added to Word Toolbar

You can now send a document using Communicate direct from the document itself.

Feature details:

  1. Create/ Review document in Word
  2. Select Message button from Toolbar
  3. Add recipients and a message if applicable
  4. Click share
  5. The document will automatically be saved back to your matter and sent via communicate


  • Contact search: Include middle name in search criteria

During creation of a contact card, search results will now show any match, even if the middle name is omitted from the search. 

i.e. “Charlie Client” will return “Charlie Carl Client” 

  • Display postal address when no street address is entered

When a Contact has a postal address instead of a street address, the contact card will now display this information in the preview

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