Version 7.1 Sept 2020

Each version contains many enhancements, tech updates and big fixes. See below for a brief overview of major changes.

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New Features


Time & Fees Summary Column

A Summary column has been introduced on both the global and matter level Time & Fees tab. This column will be availably by default for anyone with 'automatic creation of fees' setting turned on, and will include a summary of the items included in any group.

The default display settings can be edited at a global or matter level by right clicking the column header and selecting Summary or Subject. These settings will be remembered, the next time Smokeball or a matter is reopened.

The grouped fee items are summarised according to categories, in the below order and format:

  • Document: < document name > < action/s >

                           -  If the same document has the same action multiple times a day, display it only once

  • Email: 2 emails sent/reviewed
  • Event: 3 events attended
  • Tasks: 1 task done
  • Memo: 4 memos created/edited
  • Communicate: 2 messages sent/reviewed
  • Communicate - Internal: 1 internal message sent/reviewed
  • Matter Admin: Matter admin
  • Matter Opened: Matter opened
  • Custom Items: <manually added group item description>

A single item fee will display the standard Subject as the Summary.

Any existing fees will retain their existing Summary description being a duplicate of the Subject e.g. Services provided on 10/06/20

Share the Love

We have developed a “Share the Love” button that sits in the toolbar at the top right of Smokeball. look for the   !

This gives you a way to refer other firms to us and for each one who joins Smokeball, we will say thanks by giving you a gift card or by donating to a charity of your choice.

You may also notice an in-app notification to provide information about Share the Love

To refer a friend, click on the heart in the top-right corner of the Smokeball Home Screen

Enter your own name into the first box so that the gift card or donation can be sent to/from you. The firm details that you are referring us to will be entered in the second box and then select whether to receive the gift card yourself or donate to a charity.

Terms and conditions for referrals are linked at Conditions apply


Activity Intelligence & Auto:Time renamed to AutoTime

AutoTime consists of both the tracking of activities and the creation of fee entries for these Activities.  To better understand the workflow and to reduce confusion, both of these functionalities now have the same name, AutoTime.

Any references to Activity Intelligence, AI, or Auto:Time have been replaced with  AutoTime. 

Set order of Grouped Fees

Grouped fees including pending grouped fees contain a list of several items that are currently not sorted. This makes it difficult to follow and when billed, lesser valued items such as Matter Admin can at times be towards the top of the list.

We have now sorted these items in the following category type order:

  • Document
  • Email
  • Event
  • Tasks
  • Memo
  • Communicate
  • Matter Admin
  • Custom Entries

Vendors at Property Address

In the NSW Sale and Proposed Sale matter pre-population feature, we have added a radio button set with three options for ‘Property address’, ‘Another address’ and ‘Different Addresses’.

All vendors will be placed on one contact card if you select all vendors live at 'property address' or 'another address'. Otherwise, all vendors are considered at 'different addresses' and will be placed on separate contact cards.

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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