Version 7.11 December 2021

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Quick Search


Searching within Smokeball is an extremely important tool as there is an abundance of data across all areas of the software. The current searching solution allows you to search all areas and go through the results list to find what you are looking for. This issue with this is that there are 2 distinct search types that both have different needs:

1. Quick/Navigational searching: Quickly find a matter/task etc. using a unique keyword (matter number) to open and action 

2. Advanced/Detailed searching: A more detailed search type where you can compare/review a list of possible matches. e.g. 

  • When you are searching with minimal information “client last name” or a “phone number"
  • You are conducting a conflict check – see below for full solution

To date, Smokeball’s search solution did not cater for quick searching.


Smokeball now provides a “quick search” functionality and improved advanced searching to be more tailored to the advanced search needs.

Feature Details

The 2 key changes to our searching functionality are:

  1. Quick Search: The existing global search bar now includes a quick search drop down
  2. Advanced Search: The existing search results page has been repurposed as advanced search in its own tab

 Quick Search

When searching a keyword in Smokeball, you will now be provided with a real-time results list to allow you to quickly access the item you are searching for.

Quick search will provide the top 5 results for Leads, Matters, Contacts, Events and Tasks.

 We have also implemented other helpful functions such as:

Suggestive text: As you type a search term, Smokeball will suggest a result based on your previous search terms

Keyboard shortcut: You can quickly jump to the search bar by pressing “/” on your keyboard

Full result labels: Under each quick search category, we have provided the total number of results so you can assess if you need to proceed to advanced searching

Advanced Search

You can opt to continue your search term into the advanced search by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard in quick search or you can navigate straight to the advanced search by clicking the tab on the left-hand side.

The advanced search tab comes with a different set of functions such as:

Full list: Review a full list of matched results with a broader amount of information on each

Result counts: See a summarised count on each tab within so you can easily jump to an area with a positive result

More result types: Includes global memos and document searching

Additional filtering: Within certain areas, you can further filter down your search results

 Rules and Behaviour

Quick search:

  • Categories/groups with no results will be hidden from the drop down

  • Documents and memos are not included in quick search

  • Only the top 5 results will appear in the drop down

  • Pressing Enter will navigate you to advanced search. If you navigate to advanced search, the quick search box will return to empty. 

  • Suggestive text will use only terms that previously resulted in a successful result i.e. if that term led to an item being opened

Advanced search:

  • This tab will hold the search term if you navigate away and return (per session – if Smokeball is closed, the search results will be cleared)

  • Search tab will always default to “matters”

Conflict Checking


Conflict checking plays a major part in onboarding a new matter to a firm. It is the process of ensuring that your firm is not taking on business that has a “conflict of interest” with another matter that your firm is working on.

e.g. If you are representing a client in a divorce, you would not then be able to take on work for the other side of this same matter.

With Conflict Checking it is important to be able to:

  1. Assess a list of results based on a search term so you can make a decision on any potential conflict
  2. Record the results of your conflict check to ensure you can keep a record of why you did or did not proceed and what the results looked like at that point in time in case a future conflict is identified.

Although Smokeball currently allows you to assess a list of results, it does not allow for easily recording the results to a matter.  


Smokeball now allows you to save your search results back to a matter.

Feature Details

You can now opt to “Save Conflict Check” from within the advanced search tab.

 Upon selecting this option, you will be presented with a pop up to assign the results to an existing matter and record your notes regarding your assessment.


This will then save a PDF copy of the conflict check results to the matter containing all search results and any notes you took down at the time of assessment.

 As a secondary part to this work, we have also introduced a warning when there are documents or memos restricted from your view due to matter permissions to ensure that the results give you a full picture of what exists in Smokeball.

 Rules and Behaviour

  • Results can only be saved to an existing lead or matter

  • Saved results are generated via a HTML webpage and saved as PDF

  • Report is an exact replica of the search results tab at the time of searching.

  • If you do not have permission to view a document you will now be presented with a warning to indicate there are documents hidden from your view

Add Bank Details to Contact Cards


When performing Trust Payment transactions for types such as Direct Deposit, you need to enter bank account details which can be time consuming because you need to look up the bank details in a separate system, add them, and transcribe them over to Smokeball.


To save you time, bank account details can now be added to the Contact cards within Smokeball, and this will then be populated into Smokeball Billing when this contact is selected.

Feature Details

Within Smokeball, when selecting a Contact and clicking on the Contact Details > Additional Details tab, there is a new section labelled Bank Details.


After these details are completed, the next time a Trust Payment is selected within Smokeball Billing for this contact, the bank account details will be automatically populated.


This will minimise the amount of data you need to add manually, speeding up the time to record these transactions as well as minimising repetitive tasks.

Additionally, we had numerous Performance Upgrades in this version that everyone will benefit from.

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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