Version 7.2 Nov 2020

Each version contains many enhancements, tech updates and bug fixes. See below for an overview of major changes.

New Features

Tasks Improvements

Multiple Debtors

Update Contact duplication screen

InfoTrack NextGen: Auto-tick Order Title

Tasks Improvements

We have given the tasks a face lift to allow for both faster list performance and to allow users the ability to manipulate the list to show exactly what they need.  

This will also help firms to identify tasks that are likely no longer necessary (“Task debt”) and delete or complete as desired.  

Default filters (available on global and matter tab) 

Default filters have been introduced in place of the original tabs. 

Tasks counter (available on global and matter tab) 

We have included a tasks counter to keep this consistent with global tabs.  

Custom filters (available on global tab only) 

Custom filers have been introduced for 2 reasons. 

  • To replace the original groupings that we had within the list (today, tomorrow, this week etc) 

  • To allow more flexibility over what the clients want to see 

New columns (available on global tab only) 

We introduced some new columns (below) which not only provide additional information however, they will be extremely helpful when firms are trying to get out of “tasks debt”. With this information, they can start to delete tasks assigned to closed matter or that were created over x years ago and are still incomplete (therefore no longer relevant)  

  • Matter status 

  • Completed on 

  • Created on 

Multiple Debtors 

Within the Billing tab of Matter Info, you can now add up to three default debtors by simply clicking on the field and adding the Contact.

These debtors can be rearranged by clicking on the upwards arrows on the right-hand side.  


  • All matter debtors will now default on the invoice, where you can edit if required.


Update Contact Review screen 

During the automatic creation of matters using InfoTrack NextGen (NSW Sale only), we have updated the Contact Review screen as follows:

  • Show multiple potential matches if there is more than one 

  • Show a preview of contact information for each possible match 

  • Click see all details to open the contact card if more information is required 

  • Select whether to use one of the existing contacts or create a new contact 

New contact review screen: 


Rules and Behaviour: 

  • You need to be an NSW firm using InfoTrack to access this feature

InfoTrack NextGen: Auto-tick Order Title 

If the user does a title or address lookup in the new matter window, we automatically check the Order Title checkbox. 

This can be unchecked if not required.

When creating NSW Sale and Proposed Sale matters via pre-population, users were forgetting to check the Order Title box.

This resulted in little information being populated upon creation of the matter, and no way to go back and order the search so the information populates.

Feedback has revealed that upon using this feature in a Sale or  Proposed Sale matter, then the TItle would be required.

 Rules and Behaviour: 

  • Only available to InfoTrack users (& currently only NSW firms at the time of release) 

  • If the user does a title or address lookup, we automatically check the ‘Order Title’ option. 

  • If the user clears the title/address search, we uncheck the ‘Order Title’ option. 

  • If the user does not do a title or address lookup, we leave the ‘Order Title’ option unchecked. 

  • User still must manually select to ‘Order Common Property Title’ if needed. 

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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