Version 7.3 Jan 2021

Each version contains many enhancements, tech updates and bug fixes. See below for an overview of major changes.

New Features


Matter Based Permission

We have introduced Matter based permissions to help users manage access to matters and provide a guarantee that the information and documentation stored on a matter will remain confidential only to those users that have been granted access.  

The main functionality that has been introduced is to restrict specified users from: 

  • Opening a matter 

  • Assigning new items to a matter 

  • Opening items related to a matter 

  • Editing items related to a matter 

Feature details: 

Settings permissions on a matter: 

We have introduced a new Permissions tab in Matter settings that allows users to configure their permission preferences.  

There are limits to who can be restricted from a matter. The users that cannot be removed from a matter are: 

  • The current user setting the permissions i.e. a user cannot remove themselves 

  • Firm administrators (Those who Smokeball has flagged as a 'Firm Owner' ie: have access to Firm Insights reporting) 

  • Users that occupy a role on the matter: Attorney Responsible, Person Assisting, and Originating Attorney. Note: Changes to these roles in Matter info will automatically provide the new user with permission to the matter.  

Experience for a non-permitted user: 

If you do not have permission to access a matter, you will now be unable to interact with that matter throughout Smokeball, Mobile app, Billing and Microsoft office. 

Users who attempt to open or assign when they do not have permissions will be presented with an error message stating that they do not have access.  


Rules and behaviours: 

  • Compatible with version 6.5+  

  • Note: If a user is on a lower version, they will have full access to matters despite being locked out 

  • Any user can set up permissions on a matter 

  • Any permitted user can change the permissions that are set  

  • Firm owner will always have access to all matters (cannot be unselected from settings) 

  • Users that are set as a responsible/assisting on a matter will always have access to a matter 

  • If you change the roles within a matter, this will automatically give access to the new responsible/assisting user and hold the previous as permitted until you physically remove them  

  • Edits to the permission settings are noted in the history

  • Once saved, the permissions will take immediate effect  

  • If a non-permitted user has the matter open when this occurs, they will continue to have access until they close the matter 

  • If you are bulk selecting anything in a list and do not have access to 1 of the items selected, you will be unable to complete the bulk action

  • When using the global document search, If the top 100 contains any that are related to a restricted matter, they will be hidden from view. 

  • Note: document search is capped to show the top 100 results so if a user searches and does not have access to 50 of those documents, they will only see 50 results



Replace pipe "|" in document filenames with a hyphen "-"

Show age of minor contacts in contact descriptor (e.g. matter list item)

Index critical dates for speed performance

Communicate: Add Support of sending via SMS in message modal

CourtSync 'eFile' right click menu option in files list

General: Update loading spinner

Strip out illegal characters in file names when attaching document to email or Communicate

Performance: Calendaring/Tasking - Reduce amount of server refreshes

Performance: Delay when opening a matter with many representatives

Performance: Tasks Cache Matter's next step due date and clean up next step descriptors

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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