Version 7.6 May 2021

New Features


Advanced PDF functionality - eBrief

PDF Functionality has been expanded to now include:

  • Cover page 

  • Table of Contents 

  • Bookmarks 

  • Pagination 

  • Password protection  

  • Edit preferences after save

Access the new PDF functionality, at the same place PDFs are created from selecting Create multiple file PDF that is available upon right clicking a document. 

Once you are in the Combined PDF window, you will notice a number of new options available for the document. 

Click for More Information on using the Advanced PDF Features


Timeline: Matter and Lead critical dates

The Matter timeline is designed to provide a running list of key events that occur on the matter throughout its lifecycle.  

Previously, the Matter and Lead critical dates were not included in this however they are quite important events to be aware of when reviewing what has happened.  

Critical dates are now included within the timeline. 


Rules and Behaviour: 

  • Will now show Lead and Matter opened, Lead and Matter closed and Lead converted to a matter

  • This information will not show if the action was taken prior to the user running v7.6

Family Property

Family Property has been moved to a Button on the Action Bar

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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