Version 7.7 June 2021

New Features

RingCentral Integration

RingCentral is a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone provider that enables users to manage their inbound and outbound phone calls from their computer.

If you have RingCentral setup for your firm, you can now integrate it with Smokeball so we can automatically track the time spent on calls to your matters.

Visit RingCentral for more information

Authorising RingCentral:

There is a new option available in your Smokeball settings Phone Integration which will allow you to authorise your RingCentral Integration.

Simply select RingCentral and Authorise then follow the log in instructions.


  • Enter up your minimum call preference (we will only track calls for this duration and longer)
  • Map all your users to their RingCentral extension

Please note that each user must have the RingCentral Phone application installed and logged in for the integration to work.

Call from Smokeball

By clicking on any contacts phone number within Smokeball it would automatically connect the call in RingCentral (this can be done from the Matter widget, contact card or contact tab)

Automatic tracking of phone calls

For any call that is made or received via the RingCentral Phone app, a task will be created in Smokeball with the call time automatically recorded.

Rules and Behaviour:

  • If the number calling in is entered on a contact card in Smokeball and that contact is on a matter,  the task will be entered onto that matter.
  • If a contact calls in that is assigned to multiple matters the task will be logged under the most recently created matter.
  • If the contact number is not recognised, it will be created as a task but not assigned to a matter.
  • You can access today's tasks to assign it manually to a matter (and note the phone number on the contact so it links automatically next time)

Lead Filter in AutoTime window

To give a firm more visibility over the activities being carried out in Leads (potential future billable) v Matters (current billable), we have added the following:

  1. Lead/ Matter filter

You can now filter your AI list to show only leads, matters or unassigned activity

  1. Lead/Matter icons

Icons have been added to the activity to provide a visual indication of if that activity was completed on a lead or a matter

  1. Lead/Matter line graph

A new graph has been added to provide a quick break down of how much time is being spend on your leads, matters or unassigned work


Category filter on default task views

You can now filter tasks list by categories without the need to create a custom view

Additionally, You can manage your categories list by opening the drop down menu and deleting any that are duplicates or no longer needed

Past Events on a matter are now grey

Up until now past events on a matter were displayed red font.  To avoid confusion with Tasks that are overdue and displayed in red font, we have changed the font colour:

Future Events: Future events will continue to display in normal text

Past Events: Past events will now display in greyed out (previously used for deleted)

Deleted Events: Deleted events will now display greyed out with a line crossed through it

Added Icon and State to Matter Configuration

Up until now in matter configuration, it was difficult to distinguish between a lead or a matter type and the same matter type in different states.

We have now added an Icon to show it is a Lead or a Matter and also the state in brackets after the Type

Notification of charge when an Address Lookup is performed (VIC Only)

When creating a sale or purchase matter in Victoria, entering the address instead of the title reference will initiate a Vic Lands Address Lookup.

When selecting the address from the list, this search will be completed and the charge applied to your InfoTrack account.

We have added a yellow line to make the notification more noticeable. 

Note: Entering a title reference will not incur a fee

  • File Preview: Checked on by default. This will now display automatically in matter widgets. Use the ellipsis in bottom right corner of matter to uncheck 
  • Keyboard shortcut to open list selections - for eg: If a matter is selected, pressing enter will open it
  • Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN) inclusion on Staff & Users card

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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