Version 7.8 July 2021

New Features

SecureExchange Integration (via InfoTrack)

NB: This feature is being rolled out by Request - Please contact us if you want to be involved in the early adoption of this feature. 

You can now connect directly to SecureExchange by simply selecting the button from within your Smokeball Matter. 

Once you have proceeded to create your Workspace (using your Smokeball data) you can: 

  • Invite 3rd parties from the matter to join 

  • Upload matter documents 

  • eSign matter documents 

  • Documents uploaded by 3rd parties will be saved back to your Smokeball matter 

For full details visit: 

Good to Know: 

  • Users cannot join an existing workspace through the integration (they can only create)  

  • Available on Sale, Purchase and Proposed Sale matter types (all states) 

  • This is an InfoTrack feature, for more information, please contact InfoTrack


Allocate automatic matter number without needing to close window

Previously the matter number would appear as xxx until a new matter was closed and re-opened. 

The matter number will now generate once a contact has been added to a matter, enabling you to order searches, create documents populating the matter number etc. 

Restore Deleted Contact

You can now restore a deleted Contact:

  1. Right click in the contacts tab and select show deleted

  1. Locate the contact that has been incorrectly deleted  (identified by being shaded out)

  2. Right click and select Restore

Ability to add Organisation contacts to a lead

  1. Open the New lead window 

  1. Toggle to Organisation 

  1. Add the Organisation contact

Outlook: Show Person Responsible/Assisting initials in toolbar

To assist firms in identifying the person responsible to a matter when assigning an email, we have added the Person Responsible and Person Assisting Initials after the matter name in the Smokeball toolbar when assigning.

Automate the Vic LIV Contract upon first open

The first time a user opens the LIV Contract from the matter, automation will run. (previously it needed a manual trigger to automate)

If the user saves the LIV Contract, automation will not run again the next time a user opens the LIV Contract. The user will need to manually trigger automation to run from this point forward on the document. 

If the user closes the LIV Contract without saving, automation will run again the next time a user opens the LIV Contract. 

Additionally, we had numerous Performance Upgrades in this version that everyone will benefit from.

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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