Version 7.9 September 2021

This version is currently in Beta testing. 

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New Features

InfoTrack (AU): SecureExchange Integration


InfoTrack have created a tool for conveyancing clients to allow them to join a workspace with the parties involved in a matter and securely share documents and sensitive information.

Feature Details

Secure Exchange is now available to use direct from within your matter.

Through this platform, you can:

  • Create a workspace with all parties involved in a matter

  • Prepopulate the information from their matter

  • Upload and share documents

  • Send and receive financial information

  • Receive documents from other parties which will automatically save back to the matter

  • eSign documents using SignIt

  • Check the status of documents

  • Communicate with all parties involved

Communicate: Toast pop up when sending message


When you send messages from the Smokeball desktop client directly, there is no feedback as to what is happening next or whether it has worked.


We have added a toast to show the status of the message that is being sent.


Ability to set default Billing Type in Matter Type Configuration


The Billing Type that is set in the Matter/Lead Info screen for each matter determines how activities are tracked in Smokeball for billing purposes. Prior to the Smokeball team turning on AutoTime for you, we have to go through and set up the Billing Type in a custom Matter Configuration for all relevant Matter Types for your practice areas - doing so is very time-consuming and delays when AutoTime can be switched on for you.

Most firms will use the same Billing Type for the same Matter Type, so it made sense for us to pass a default Billing Type through Matter Type Configuration. With a default Billing Type for each Matter Type, we will be able to turn AutoTime on straight away for you and will only need to spend time creating custom Matter Configurations when truly needed.


We have implemented a default Billing Type that the Smokeball team can set in Matter Type Configuration, which is used when creating leads and matters.

Feature Details

When you create a lead/matter, if the firm has a custom matter configuration with a Billing Type set, it will be used, otherwise a further check is done to see if the Matter Type has a default Billing Type and if so, it will be used. If no default Billing Type exists, it will be blank for you to set it.

Basic layout data should copy over when changing matter type


When you convert a Lead to a Matter or change the Matter/Lead Type, some basic layout and sub-layouts are removed because the data is deemed not compatible even though they have the same data source. For example, when changing a Vic Purchase to a Qld Purchase, both Conveyancing Details and Property Details are removed because they are not the same layout.


We have implemented a technical change to make basic layout data more transferable when the layouts are different, but link to the same data source.

Feature Details

There is nothing you will do differently as a Smokeball user. Where layout data is now compatible, it will now be retained during the change lead/matter type process. The Smokeball team will be able to commence adding basic layouts to some Matter Types.

Additional contact information available in contact tab (+ Searchable)


Previously we have had performance issues within the Contact tab which has restricted us from being able to include additional columns and information here. This is problematic because in order to view the contacts' additional information you are required to open the card and review it. This is especially annoying when trying to compare duplicate contacts.

Additionally, it has previously been impossible to search using criteria such as address and work phone.


We have now included some additional information in the list and made these searchable fields.

Feature Details

From the Contact tab list view you can now see:

  • Title 

  • Work Phone 

  • Residential Address 

You are also now able to search:

  • Work phone 

  • Residential Address 

Additionally, we had numerous Performance Upgrades in this version that everyone will benefit from.

If you require any assistance or training in relation to any of the above, please Contact Us

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