Trust Account Statements

To Print a Trust Account Statement, go to Reports and select Trust Statements

Set Report Period for: All Time, or select date period

Show transactions for:

For 1 Matter Only - Enter matter number / name then select from the list the matter you want the Trust Account Statement

To produce a Statement for all matters - Jump to instructions

Print View:

Include firm header - to insert your Logo & Address detail

View Options:

Show inoice numbers for Transactions - to display an Invoice Number in the Description if a payment was made on an invoice

Generate Report action buttons:

Generate - Will produce the report on screen

CSV - Will download the report in .csv format, seen in the bottom left of your screen, and in your download folder

PDF - Will download the report in .pdf format, seen in the bottom left of your screen, and in your download folder 

PRINT - Will open up the Print Screen to print the Statement to your printer 

To produce a Statement for all matters

Set the date and View options the same as an individual report

Select Show transactions for All Matters, the action bar will change to display only EMAIL REPORT

An email will be sent to the user who made the request, using their email address from their Staff card.

This email will contain a link to download a zip file containing all of the reports in PDF format.
Note: For security purposes, the link to the report will expire after 1 week.


Good to Know

If a report has been submitted successfully, the user will see a message as per below

A firm cannot have concurrent reports running at the same time.

If a user tries to submit another report whilst the previous one is still in progress, anerror message will appear as per below

The user will be presented with a warning message if the email address associated with the user is missing or invalid.
o “Current user has no email address”
o “Current user has an invalid email address (<email address>)"

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