Smokeball Start - Time & Activities

In this section you can set up or amend shortcuts for common time, fee or expense entries, enabling you to quickly add these to any Matter.

Either click an existing activity to amend it, or click 'Create an Activity' to start.

To set up a new Activity fill in the following details:

  1. Choose whether the activity is a fixed fee, timed entry or an expense
  2. Create a code of no more than 5 characters. This will be displayed when choosing an activity to add to a matter.
  3. Create the default Subject. This is the description that will be displayed on the invoice for this activity.
  4. Enter either the fixed amount for a fee, the hourly rate and duration for a timed entry or the amount and quantity for an expense. You can also select the GST status for this activity. It will default to adding GST on top of the amount unless otherwise specified.

Click 'Create Activity' when done. You can come back to amend the details for any activity at any time.

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