Smokeball Start - Set up your Stripe Integration

  1. Firstly, you need a Stripe account which you can create on their website by clicking here.
    If you already have a Stripe account, please note when connecting your existing Stripe account to Smokeball, a new account will be created for you within Stripe.
    This is normal, and this is how the Stripe Connect integration is designed to work in order to ensure your existing account is not changed.
  2. From Firm Settings click the “Payment Provider” option and follow the prompts to link your Operating Account for invoice payments and your Trust Account for Trust deposits.
    You will find your new payment accounts will be created automatically without  you having to enter all your details again.
  3. You also have the ability to switch on the option to pass the Stripe fees onto your clients as a surcharge, or switch it off so your law firm will absorb the Stripe fee.
    N.B. This option is unavailable for deposits made into Trust Accounts due to Law Society regulations - the Stripe fee is always added onto your client's payment by default for Trust Account deposits.
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