Smokeball Start - Adding Time & Expense Entries

Learn how to create Time & Expense entries in Smokeball Start.

Prefer to watch a video? Follow the video guide below on the various ways to create, modify and delete time and expense entries.

Using the Timer

From Smokeball, click the timer in the top right hand corner of the screen

The timer will start automatically once you click 'Add Timer'. You can also choose to add a brief subject and allocate it to a matter at this point, or this can be done later. When the activity is over, click 'Complete'.

Smokeball will now start a Time Entry for you to complete. The time will be rounded up to the nearest Billing Unit (specified in your Firm Settings). This can be changed manually if required, as can the date, staff member and hourly rate used. If you included a subject and/or matter this will be brought forward to the new entry. If not previously filled out, simply type into the Subject box the description for this entry and allocate it to a matter. Click 'Save' when done and the entry will now be added to that Matter.

Adding Time/Expense Entries from within a Matter

From within a particular Matter in Smokeball you can click 'New Time Entry' from within the 'Time & Fees' tab. This will open a blank Time Entry for you to complete as per the options above.

If you want to add a fixed fee to a Matter, change the 'Duration' to Fixed, and the 'Rate' to the amount you wish to include (ex GST).

You can also use the 'Activity' box to select a short cut. Choose from the list you have previously set up (see our Settings articles and video) and it will default the Subject, Duration/Fixed, and Rate. These can still be amended as necessary.

Adding Expense Entries

To add an Expense Entry, navigate to the Expenses tab within a Matter. You will then be able to click 'New Expense Entry'.

Most options are the same for an Expense Entry as they are for a Time Entry, however there are two main differences.

Firstly, you can overtype the amount of GST, in case there is an expense that does not have the full 10%.

Secondly, you can attach a file. This file will not be included in any invoice you generate, it is a record of why this expense is required. (e.g. a copy of a receipt or invoice you have incurred)

Modifying an existing Time/Expense Entry

To modify an existing Entry, simply click on that Entry from within the Matter. The details will open up, simply make any necessary changes and then click 'Update'.

You can Delete the entry by clicking 'Delete this fee' at the bottom of the window.


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