Smokeball Timer - April 2022

Desktop Timer


Smokeball’s timer function is being moved from Smokeball Billing to Smokeball’s native app. Law firms operate at a fast pace and the new location for the timer provides users with a more accessible and accurate tool for creating billable entries.

Feature Details

A timer will now be accessible from the Smokeball native app, including the home screen, matter windows and Time & Expenses window.

From the Smokeball native app

From within a matter

From within the Time & Expenses pop out window

To use the timer:

  1. Select “Add A Timer”. The timer will begin immediately.
  2. The timer can be paused/resumed by clicking the plus/play symbol.
  3. The running time is displayed in two places, so if the timer is closed you can still see the running time.
  4. The subject line can be inserted whilst timing.
  5. The matter can be linked whilst timing.


What happens to my existing timer?

You will no longer be able to start new timers using the timer that is currently in Smokeball Billing after the 27th April 2022. Once all of your paused timers are completed or deleted, the timer in Smokeball Billing will be removed.

Can I run a timer in a matter and in my Time & Expenses screen?

Only one timer can run at a time. When you start a new timer, the previously running timer will pause. All the timers in different screens sync with each other, so if you switch between screens you will be able to see all timers no matter which screen you started them in.

Can I name / label the timers so I can see at a glance which timer was for which matter?

Yes, this hasn’t changed. You are able to add a subject and a matter on the timer. When you start a timer within a matter, the matter details are automatically populated and they can be changed if required.

Will my timer continue to run in the background when I close Smokeball?

If you have a timer running and attempt to close Smokeball you will receive a prompt asking you if wish to pause it before closing.

Will I lose my paused timers if I don't complete them (convert them to a time entry) before I close Smokeball?

No, when you re-open Smokeball and click on the timer icon you will be able to see the previously paused timers.

Do my paused timers remain visible indefinitely or do they delete after a period of time?

All timers remain in place until you either delete them or complete them.

Is there a limit to how many timers I can have running / paused?

No, there is no limit.

Why isn't an activity created when I use a timer?

The new timer will work the same way that the existing Smokeball Billing timer does. This means that no activity will be created for timer-generated time entries. However, we are open to receiving feedback about this if you want an activity created in addition to a time entry.

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