Release Notes - Apr 27, 2022

This release contains the highly anticipated Controlled Money Accounts, plus further feature enhancements and improved handling of credit card payments for expired Trial users.

New Features:


New Features

Controlled Money Accounts

Learn more about setting up Controlled Money Accounts.

Phasing out web-timer for Grow and Prosper firms

With the Timer moving from Smokeball web into Smokeball native app in v8.2, we want to allow a graceful transition between the timer in the web app and the new timer in the Windows native app.
This will be enabled one week after 8.2 goes to General for AU and US, respectively.
Once this feature is switched on, the ability to create a new timer will be removed, and the notification will be updated to notify the user that any new timers can be created in the Smokeball native app.
Once you either complete or delete any timers currently existing in the Smokeball Billing timer, the timer feature will be hidden from the app.
This allows your firm to complete any active timers themselves, without needing to rush or meet a specific deadline. This will also allow the same process to work for future Start users that upgrade to Grow or Prosper.

As the Timer in the Smokeball native app will only be available to Grow and Prosper clients, the notification will only be shown to these clients. Start clients will not see the notification.


View and restore deleted contacts

With the Smokeball Start release, we have moved the ability to create and delete contacts into the Smokeball web app, for all product tiers. To fulfil this functionality, we’ve implemented the ability to view, delete and restore contacts.
When searching for a contact, if it has been deleted, the user will see the Deleted status next to the contact's name. Viewing a deleted contact will now also give the option to Restore.


Generate a Trust To Office PDF for invoice payments

When payments are made to an invoice using a Trust as a payment source, a new PDF receipt for this transaction can be generated. This can now be viewed automatically by ticking the “Open PDF” tickbox at the point of transfer, or can be viewed later by selecting the kebab menu (three small vertical dots) on the transactions listing page.


Trial users can now add credit card details after trial expiry

Previously, when a Smokeball Start trial user allowed their trial to expire without adding credit card details, they would need to contact our Support Team to have their account reinstated.
It is now possible for the user to enter their own credit card details after expiry.
When a user logs in to an expired account, they will be shown a notice and offered a link to update their payment options to continue using their account.
When opting to add payment options, the user will be presented with the normal credit card page, allowing them to add their details, and then continue using Smokeball Start.

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