Communicate - May 2022 Release

Each release contains enhancements, tech updates and big fixes. See below for an overview of major changes.


Third parties can now unsubscribe and still receive their login emails


There are 3 types of emails sent to a third party via Communicate.

  1. New Communicate message notification emails – These are emails notifying the third party that a new message has been sent from a law firm. An email is sent every time a new message is sent to the third party. The email has a “View Message” link embedded for the third party to easily access new messages.
  2. Sign in to Communicate emails – These emails are sent when a user attempts to sign in to Communicate via the web.
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Status Setting emails – These emails are sent when a user turns on their MFA authentication status.

All three email types have the ability for the third party to unsubscribe from the service with the following text, “Privacy and security are important to us. Your personal details and data shared will be kept securely and not shared. Click here to unsubscribe.” found at the bottom of the email.

If the third party unsubscribes from one of the emails, they are automatically unsubscribed from the other two as well. This will cause a problem for when the user tries to login to the service as the system will not be able to send an email with a login link or notify the user of the MFA setup.


The email list has been separated into two mailing lists: one for message notifications and another for login and MFA setup. This allows Communicate to select which mailing list has the ‘unsubscribe link’ enabled in the email. Therefore, Communicate will not unsubscribe you from the login and MFA setup emails as they are needed to access your Communicate profile, and are user-initiated requests. However, Communicate still has the ability to unsubscribe from the message notification email, as they are system initiated.

Provide validation of the email address format


Previously, no verification of the email format were provided, and no feedback was given to the user regarding the correct format. All formats were accepted, and emails were being unknowingly sent to invalid email addresses.


Provide user feedback to indicate if the email format is incorrect and what the correct format should be.


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